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Why to opt MacBook Pro core i5

The much awaited MacBook Pro swept the market with its incredible specifications, leaving the customers in dilemma whether to stick to the old notebook or to go with this all in one device. This entry level is a great replacement for 13-inch MacBook Air as this 13-inch MacBook Pro has a 2GHz Core i5 and function keys.

Features to look out for:

  • The MacBook Pro is not only thinner and lighter but also smaller in every possible way. The screen is thinner and logo of Apple is no more on the lid.
  • The trackpad is comparatively is big in size thus, covering the sizeable portion of laptop’s wrist rest. You can also enable its 3D or Pressure sensitive touch.
  • It has beautiful screen which gives crisp, clear and vibrant picture view.
  • The big change you will notice is above the keyboard. Standard Function key with an OLED has been replaced by Touch Bar and touch sensitive screen. The Touch Bar shows an escape key with a row of four icons along with arrow expander to get a clear view of traditional quick settings keys.
  • If you are working on a particular program, so that program will decide which functions are required to be placed on Touch Bar. Moreover most of the buttons and functions are customized. So, the people who use function and control keys a lot will find themselves with slow Touch Bar.
  • The power button available at the end of Touch Bar is Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Unlike iPhone where you can register up to five fingerprints, here is a limit of up to 3 only which is a step backward in laptops than in the world of smartphones.
  • With dual-core versions of Intel’s sixth generation core i5 or i7 processors are entirely capable. The cheapest one has 256GB storage with 8GB RAM and 2.9GHz Core i5 processor.
  • Apart from headphones and mic socket you will get four USB-C ports. So, the eliminated features are card reader, no Ethernet or mini DisplayPort and no traditional USB. In this, USB-C is used for power implying any of the four ports can be used for charging the device.
  • Battery backup with this device is up to 5 to 6 hours. Apple claims that while testing the 13in Pro battery lasted for 10 hours.

So above are the basic things which we look out for while purchasing any device.

For further assistance get in touch with the experts at MacBook Support Australia 1-800-958-218.

If you are looking forward for purchasing this device and need technical expertise over it then get in touch with the skilled and experienced professionals at MacBook customer support number +1-800-958-218

Macbook Support Australia 1-800-958-218