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How to fix faulty RAM of your MAC device

The active workspace on your Mac is in your RAM where all the program runs and the content is created. Healthy memory is important for proper running of any software.

But how irritating it is when your Mac behaves oddly. I mean we all start looking for an easy test to verify if we have got a bad Ram or not.

Well there is an easy way of checking whether Mac’s memory has stopped functioning properly or not. Though these tests are time consuming and are recommended to perform once in a year.


You can easily detect whether the RAM is faulty in various ways. Below are the symptoms:

  • Three beeps while start up: It is a clear signal that you need to replace your memory. While booting up you will hear three beeps instead of usual startup and then system won’t boot. This symptom also lets u know that your device diagnosed a RAM issue.
  • Failed to boot: It also indicates the same issue. If this occurs consistently then you need to move to another section.
  • Software Crashing: If you are facing this problem more than normal (and if crash reports points inconsistent causes) then it indicates a memory issue.
  • System freezes.
  • Corrupt documents: You will notice that from time to time your saved files become corrupt. If it’s happening than usual then it indicates same issue.

There are several ways for testing the RAM and improving performance of the device.

  • Apple’s own checks: With the help of Mac’s built-in tests, the user can easily check the memory. Restart or boot up the Mac and hold D till it boots. You will see the diagnostics screen. Depending upon the age of your Mac and OS, you will have to choose the middle tab, hardware tests and then mark to Perform extended testing (takes considerably more time) option and then tap the big blue Test button.
  • Testing for bad RAM on Mac: You might find out that your diagnostic function has been removed which usually happens when you format the hard drive and reinstall OS X. And if holding D doesn’t land you up on the testing screen, then hold Option + D and your device will search for test sets for downloading. Wait till the tests are finished and then the device will notify you with other memory issues.
  • Third party RAM Checks: If you want further confirmation, you can look up to third- party RAM checkers. Try more than one and compare the results

And if the above repeated tests shows that there is something wrong with your Mac memory, then you have to replace the memory. You can buy it and place it on your own.

In case if you are still facing any other issue with your device then get in touch with the team of MacBook Support Australia at 1-800-958-218 and let our experts help in fixing the issue.

Macbook Support Australia 1-800-958-218