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Fix MacBook Battery Issues with MacBook Support Australia

Apple products apart from their memory features are also noted for their battery life. While setting up Mac initially, some activities like setting up Photos and Mail, downloading files from iCloud and many more can take up a lot more power than normal.

And there are certain issues that can keep you bugged for long time. Below is a rundown of the issues-

A. The runtime is low-

  • Wait till the initial setup is completed as multiple activities can use more power than the Mac required for general use.
  • Also, determine what should be the battery life for your product. The Tech Specs lets you to know Apple’s battery life expectations.
  • Minimize common reasons of its drainage. You can configure automated backup and synchronize software when your device is connected to power source or you can pause when battery drops to a certain level or percentage.
  • You can also check Activity Monitor for any malfunctioning. It can be due to installation of new software or new operating system.
  • Test in Safe Mode, in case if you are still facing same issues after optimizing system’s performance.

B. Battery is not charging properly-

  • Check the right power AC Adapter for the system. A lower wattage power adapter than actually required may not charge the device as required.

C. Unable to attain 100% charging-

  • You might see that your macOS is fully charged to 100%, after connecting the power adapter for an extended time. Although, it may also appear to stop charging from 93-99% which is normal and helps in increasing the lifespan of battery.

D. Battery isn’t recognized-

  • In case if it is fully drained, it will keep itself into a low power state for preserving its capacity to charge in future.
  • Connect your Mac device to AC power and let it charge for at least 5 minutes. Reset the SMC if after 5 minutes the screen persists Connect to Power.

E. Unable to see low warning-

If you are unable to receive a warning if your battery has a low charge then it might be due to menu bar icon is disabled. Follow the below steps for enabling it-

  • Access System Preferences.
  • Select energy saver.
  • Now for displaying the status, choose Show battery Status in Menu bar.

F. Get your battery serviced-

You can also get it replaced by an authorized Apple Service provider or Apple retail Store. Don’t replace it by yourself as it can damage the equipment which isn’t covered under warranty.

MacBook Support Australia is here to help you with the battery related issues at 1-800-958-218

If you are still facing any issue with your Mac device then get in touch with the experts by dialing MacBook technical Support Number +1-800-958-218 and let them fix all the issues. Our skilled and experienced experts will quickly resolve the issue and come up with appropriate solution.

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