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Technical Glitches with MacBook Air

Facing issues with your MacBook Air? Irrespective of its versions, most of the Air models have some troubles with its ultra-light laptop. Below is the list of some common issues which the MacBook Air user might have experienced along with the solutions.


A. Unable to power on the device.


  • Just check whether the entire device has turned on or not? Is it making noise? Caps Key light up? Or the issue is just with the screen?
  • Check the power problems if MacBook refuses to turn on. Check if the battery is charged? Extra power cord works or not? Disconnect everything and see whether it resolves the issue or not.
  • Reset the device.

B.Screen not working.


  • Laptop is working but screen is blank. Hold power button for next 10 seconds and then release like you normally do to get your MacBook device on.
  • Try to update your device with any external device attached in case issue is with external screen. Go to Dock or Apple menu> App Store> updates. And then install any updates you find for firmware, OS X, or related MacBook operations.
  • Ensure that you are using second screen adapters of Apple.

C. Battery doesn’t charge anymore.


  • Here the issue could be related to adapter and charging cable. Apple likes to change its charging cables.
  • If you are using right cable then ensure that there is no damage to the port or cable.

D. Overheating issue.


  • With extra-compact and light built, there is only one vent available at the right side of the base of screen. Just make sure this vent has free passage for the air.
  • Visit Activity monitor for any hidden and unexpected apps.

E. Trackpad not working properly.


  • First, try to clean and dry the trackpad to see whether it helps or not.
  • Reset your PRAM can fix trackpad issues. Go to Apple Menu> Shut Down. Push the power button for restarting. Quickly press Command + Option + P and R keys together. Hold till you hear repeated start-up chime.

F. Frozen App.


  • First try to restart the app. If the app becomes unresponsive then go to Dock and right click on the icon for getting Force Quit. It will shut down the app. Restart and check if it fixes the issue.
  • Check for an update. Go to Apple menu> App Store> Updates section and check available updates.

Above are the common errors which the MacBook Air users can face.

Call Apple MacBook Support Australia for more details about the other issues at 1-800-958-218

Apart from these issues if you are encountering any other trouble then get in touch with the technicians at MacBook customer support number 1-800-958-218 and let the experts fix it. You can also contact via live chat or email.

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